MidiRunner 1.5

It is a program that enables you to easily create MIDI base
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Create your MIDI accompaniments from MIDI files ! MidiRunner is also a Jukebox for MIDI,MP3,Wave,CD-Audio,WindowsMedia that allows to play the MIDI instruments (or the corresponding soundfonts loaded into the MIDI Space) togheter with the running file, by using an external MIDI keyboard, the PC keyboard or a virtual keyboard.
When playing a MIDI file you can also:
- extract the lyrics contained into the MIDI file
- disable some selected MIDI tracks and change their instruments
- increase/decrease the song tonality (transpose)
- increase/decrease the playback rate of the song
- save the MIDI variations and settings into new standard MIDI files, to create your personal MIDI backgrounds.
MidiRunner supports PLL Playlists and ASX,M3U,PLS Playlists (used by other players like WindowsMediaPlayer and Winamp).
NEW! - File Search, using partial names or embedded tags.
Estensive use of shortcuts permits also to work without mouse.
Full Help-on-line.

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